Katrina L. Halliwell (canuck_kat) wrote in savelietome,
Katrina L. Halliwell

Lie to Me* Fan Appreciation Book Project

Hey everyone!

I thought that I'd try to promote this project again in here, since I'm only received a mere 10 submissions.

There are a lot of Save LTM projects out there (which I say yay to), but I wanted to do something different that might stand out more. This project is about why we love the show and how much we appreciate it.

I'm looking for anything that can be published in a book: letters to the cast and/or crew, character reflections, little essays about why you love the show, word art, collages, picspams, digital art, physical art (you can send in scans or pictures of these!) and anything else that you can think of!

For more information: http://community.livejournal.com/savelietome/4504.html

P.S. Can anyone tell me where else I can promote this so that I can reach more people?
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