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New!!! Save LTM Photo Project's (Video)

Hey Peeps.

Okay so here's the deal.
This will be like the Save Lie to Me Photo project that we ran with the Hands but instead of it being made into a book, I will make it into a Video. I will upload the finished video's to You Tube, LJ, Tumblr and Twitter. I will also Tweet the Videos as much as possible.

Its going to be simple.
  • There will be FOUR  Projects run during FEBRUARY = 4 Videos
  • From MARCH- MAY there will be one Video Made every second week= 2 Videos a month.
  • Each Video Will have a DIFFERENT THEME.
  • Max 4 photos per person!

Please Send your Pics to becky.hancock86(at) I'm also on twitter @beckilles .

This site Promotes through the @LtmNinjasForS4 twitter account. so keep an eye out for updates!

  1. FIRST THEME IS FOOD :  The Lightman Lunch? Fosters Sweet Tooth? Get your Save Lie To Me message across through your love of food Cal's or Gillian's. Its up to You!    ALL PHOTOS FOR WEEK ONE WILL BE DUE BY THE 7th of FEBRUARY.  NEW DEADLINE- 11th FEB  (Thank you to all those who have sent me pics already :) sorry for the new deadline, but I've had to many request for an extension, to say no.)
  2. Second Theme(One Word): (I'll open this up now to give you all more time) 
    On Your PALM write Lie To Me= (one word) A word that describes what Lie To Me* is to you.

    For Example
    :Lie To Me* = Happiness ~ Lie To Me* = Originality ~ Lie To Me* = Science .
    You can add  #TeamKelli or #TeamTim if you like.
    Due: 19th February!

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