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Would you be willing spend a few minutes of your time and around $30 or so to save your favorite show?  Too much for you?  How about $15, or even as little as $5?

We have until May when FOX will make a decision about giving Lie To Me a season 4.   The ratings have been climbing, but when the excitement of new episodes wears off, we need to make sure we keep the buzz going.  

The fan projects are wonderful!  I’m excited about everything in the works and I hope everyone has a chance to participate in at least one project or several or maybe even all of them.  But wonderful as they are, those projects take time to gather and compile and prepare.  In the meantime, we can all be doing something to save our show, every single day if we choose.  It may not be as flashy as a fan video or an art book, but I guarantee it will make an impact.


So easy!  So inexpensive!  For right around $30 you can buy 100 postcard stamps and send a postcard to FOX every single day between now and their season 4 decision.  For $15, you can send a postcard every other day.  For $5 you can send a postcard every week.  

I know we’re all watching the bottom line.  I know email and Twitter are free.  But email and Twitter messages can be easy to discount.  Click a few buttons and they're gone.  But tangible postcards?  Everyone notices honest-to-goodness mail.  Hundreds or thousands of postcards, addressed to FOX with our personal and supportive messages, piling up in the mail room?  That will make a big statement.

You don’t have to go out and buy postcards.  You can start right now!  Use 4 x6 index cards or recycle used greeting cards or cut postcards out of cereal boxes.  If you’re an artist, cut watercolor paper into postcard size and art that baby up.  If you have a little extra to spend, buy local postcards or split the cost of a pack of card stock with some friends and print your own.  Hit up a resale shop and buy a box of old postcards and slap a few stickers on the back for your message and an address.  Use your imagination!  The more unique, the better!   (Make sure your postcard is between  3 ½ “ x 5 and 4 ¼” x 6 in size, and oblong, not square, or they will be returned to you for extra postage.)

Mail to:
FOX Broadcasting Co.
Lie To Me
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

You should definitely participate in as many of the fan appreciation projects as you can!  But do this, too.  Please.  It won’t take much effort or expense and it’s something you can start doing RIGHT NOW and continue doing EVERY DAY (or at least frequently) until FOX sees the light and we get our season 4.

I mailed a card today, and I have one ready to go for tomorrow and the next day and the next.  Who’s with me? 

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