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New Project

I thought of a new project that I hope would help convince FOX that they should weigh the fans enthusiasm for the show when they make their renewal decision.

As most of you know, the show experienced a big ratings jump this week, probably due in a large part to the news article about a potential lawsuit brought against FOX regarding the show. As much as we would like to think it was us that got the word out, that one article probably gave it more publicity than it has had in a long time and just look at the result. With this in mind, I'd love to show them what we could do.

I think all the fan art and vids are wonderful and very important for showing FOX how devoted we are to the show, an important consideration when it comes to plans for it. BUT, most of that material is hard to disseminate beyond fandom itself (copyrights damn them). What I want to do is show ways that we are willing to get the word out to the general public. So ...

I would love it if people would use one of the available graphics that can be found in other posts in this community to make flyers. Then post them anywhere and take a picture. In your car window, on the dorm bulletin board, in the window of the local convenience store, stuck to your neighbors' mailboxes, on a telephone pole. Heck, if you're brave enough, stick one to your own chest and take a picture in a public place.

Then send these photos to me. I will gather them all together in whatever form I decide is most effective and then send this, along with a letter explaining why we did it to FOX. I also think it could be useful when approaching potential advertisers and asking them to support the show.

While I don't think the photos HAVE to be done before it goes off the air since flyers could also be made encouraging people to ask for its return, sooner would be better. Of course, the finished product wouldn't be available until later but I don't think that matters. Let me know in a comment if you think this idea has potential and would participate. Or just send your pictures to the email I set up at lietomeproject(at)gmail.com.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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