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Save Lie To Me Project by @LittleMissA_

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Save Lie To Me project

Yeah,the project.

First of all:Why?
Because Lie To Me season 3 has almost finished in the USA and the people from FOX broadcasting are not sure whether they'll be shooting a season 4.
This means that this could be the last season Lie To Me. And that is where we enter the picture.

In a tweet Tim Roth(Cal Lightman in the series) posted on January 24, he asks to send anything creative to FOX to explain our love for the show and maybe make it stay on TV for another (or more!) seasons. This is the link to his tweet.

I suggest that everybody makes something pretty cool.A video (max.2 mins), a poem, a painting,a picture.
When you're done,please send it to me.
I've created a special e-mail adress where you can send your stuff.I'll try to open it at least 3 times a week.

But I really need your opinion on something:I could turn all your small projects in a video,but I feel it might be more effective when I can print it and send it to FOX through the mail.I think that has a lot more impact,certainly when we send all our stuff TOGETHER.

A very convenient thing is that we have lots of time to do it.FOX won't decide on a new season Lie To Me until May.
So maybe we will be able to set 2 deadlines instead of one.

Let me know what you guys think about it.E-mail,deadlines and short info in the next post.

Lots of love,
Help Spread the Word and participate in what you can :) Lets save our show!

Thanks Becky
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