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You Can Help: Spread The Word!

I Am posting this with the permission of @3rdrocker and @SaveLieToMe. Spread the word and help Save Lie To Me!!  Its in our hands!!

On Sunday 23rd January 2011, @SaveLieToMe said:

Operation Lie to me* Life Support! Want to know how you can help #SaveLieToMe?

  • Firstly, check out this recent Tim Roth tweet for a little encouragement. :) "Their [FOX's] decision will probably come in May so feel free to let the network know what you think their decision should be!!! I think the fans should have a say in the matter don't you?!!!You have time so ..."

Fox already knows that Lie to me* has a very loyal audience, so keep on showing them your loyalty!
Here are a handful of participation suggestions/options.

  • Go to Save That Show and send FREE letters to Fox letting them know how much you love Lie to me* and want a season 4 (be gentle! You catch more flies with honey than vinegar). ;)  

  • A couple of my Tumblr links
Ask for some media attention for Lie to me*:

For those willing to spend a few bucks:

  • There are several petitions going around. "Sign" as many as you can.
Here are the ones I'm aware of: (@LieToMeScoop's)

  • If you have the talent, make fan vids. Have fun with it and start your own project and ask for participants.
There's power in numbers, so, please, let your voice be heard so we can keep this amazing show going for a long time!! As always, thanks!!

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