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The #LieToMe 24hr project April 1-4

Hey guys.

Okay so here is the 24hr #LieToMe Project. It will commence April 1st and End April 4th (After LTM would normally air in the U.S).

We will continue Every Monday for24hrs to mark LTM’s air date. (For Mondays I will try set up a schedule over the weekend)

The goal of this is to always have Fox’s Timeline filled with #LieToMe tweets!

The tweet for this project will be:

@Foxbroadcasting @LietoMeonFOX @FOX_Research : Save Lie To Me, Love from (add your Country, Age or Age group if you don’t feel comfortable writing your age.) #savelietome


@Foxbroadcasting @LietoMeonFOX @FOX_Research : Save Lie To Me, Love from Australia (Female, 24) #SaveLieToMe

When possible a tweet every 5 minutes would be fantastic when you are on twitter. (If you Download Tweet Deck you can schedule tweets for when you are not at online).

If we can get enough people doing this from all around the world we should be able to cover the tweets 24hours a day. The More tweets we bombard them with the better.

If you have any questions, tweet me @beckilles or @LtmNinjasForS4 :)
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