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Hey Guys,
Lets get behind this project!


We have a letter to send FOX but we want all of you guys to help us with it. Instead of writing it formally on a sheet of paper, we want to write it in the hands of those who believe in this show as much as we do. What we are asking you to is to write a few words of the letter in your hand and send a photo to us so that we can put them together in a video and send it to FOX.

If you are interested in participating send us an e-mail to and we shall send you your part of the letter. Please do NOT write random parts or we might have double entries or entries missing. Don’t forget to add your name, city and country to your e-mail

Dead Line March 24th

Dear FOX,

It’s been a while since we last heard from you and we were wondering if everything’s all right. How’s the family? We heard that House is still up and running and that your Bones are still shaking! People told us they’ve been dancing to the sound of Glee and there are no more Kitchen Nightmares as everyone’s been eating Bob’s Burgers. Well done!

You may be holding up just fine, but we are rather sad. The Chicago Code has been driving us nuts! We can’t seem to crack it up and our neighbours, The Simpsons, informed us that someone over at Cleveland had found the answer... So we wanted to be part of this Cleveland Show and their celebrations but Traffic Light went mad and we were afraid of getting in trouble… As if it wasn’t enough, we heard about Lie to Me! We thought you were The Family Guy, and although you said to stop Raising Hope we can’t do that. Lie To Me is one of American's Most Wanted and you won’t be our American Idol without giving it season 4. Give it a chance! Save Lie to Me!

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