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#SAVELIETOME - Lie To Me Ninjas Project (3)

Hey Peeps.

Okay so here's the deal.
This will be like the Save Lie to Me Photo project that we ran with the Hands but instead of it being made into a book, I will make it into a Video. I will upload the finished video's to You Tube, LJ, Tumblr and Twitter. I will also Tweet the Videos as much as possible.

Its going to be simple.
  • Each Video Will have a DIFFERENT THEME.
  • Max 3 photos per person!
The Save Lie To Me Food and ONEword projects are now complete! Time for the next one!!

Project number 3: Lie To Me -Ninjas

 For this download any of the pics below (MAX 3 Per Person).
They are the different toy town ninjas, as seen on  the back of  Lightman's (Tim Roth) phone on LTM and being held by Kelli in a photo posted by TR.

Right click
on the image.
Click "SAVE IMAGE AS" then save it to where you want to on your computer

Open it in paint or what ever photo editing software you might have.
Write a 'SAVE LIE TO ME' Message -NO MORE THE 140 characters (letters) long.
If you want, print it out and take a photo of it some where with the message or edit it.
Its up to you be creative!!


DEADLINE (At The Moment) is the 10th march!  

NEW DEADLINE: 13th March! 
Please Send your Pics to becky.hancock86(at) I'm also on twitter @beckilles .
This site Promotes through the @LtmNinjasForS4 twitter account. so keep an eye out for updates!

Red Ninja  .. BFF Ninja
Black ninja..cookie ninja
green ninja.. Happy Ninja
Office Ninja.. Orange Ninja
Pink ninja.. White Ninja
The Images are proudcts of Shawnimals- NinjaTown. (They are not mine & owners will be credited.)
© and ™ 2001-2011 Shawnimals LLC. Chicago IL USA
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